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Frequently Asked Questions 2019

Where is The Lone Star Pirate Festival 2019 taking place?

The Lone Star Pirate Festival is taking place at Warehouse Live, located at:

813 Saint Emanuel Street
Houston, Texas 77003

Is this event for all ages?

This is an 18+ event. Some of the acts booked for this year may not be appropriate for children under 18. 

I'm a pirate, and I want to bring my rum with me, can I?

No. You cannot. Warehouse Live will not allow outside alcohol to be brought in from outside the venue, so leave your bottle, flasks, skins, and all other containers behind. The venue has plenty of bars to quench your thirst, so you won't have a problem with thirst.

Can I bring my own mug?

Most of us have spent good money on nice drinking vessels, and we like to use them as often as possible; at The Lone Star Pirate Festival, you are more than welcome to bring your mug into the venue, and use it to drink from. 

Should I wear my garb?

Yes, you should! 

What if I don't have pirate garb?

Don't worry about that! Come to The Lone Star Pirate Festival, enjoy the music, the crowd, and shop the vendors! You never know, you may leave dressed as a pirate!

Is this an indoor, or outdoor event?

You'll be happy to hear that this July 20th event, in Houston, will be indoors, and the AC will be running!

Can I bring my cutlass and flintlock, in case someone looks at me funny?

Warehouse Live has requested that we leave all weaponry aboard ship, for this event. This includes functional and prop weaponry. I know we're all used to carrying it, but one day away from the baldric won't kill ya! 

Will there be food at this event?

Yes, there will be food! We've made arrangements to have some popular food trucks, with a variety of offerings, available for the festival!

What about seating?

This is a festival environment, held in a concert venue, so there isn't a chair for everyone to be in at all times. There will be some tables and chairs, like there are at bars, festivals, or pubs you've been to before, but we do not have theater style seating for this event. Share a table, make some new friends. 

Will there be dancing?

I have a hard time believing there wouldn't be. Dance all you like!

I like shopping, and buying things. Can I do that?

Yes! We have some fantastic vendors for the event, with a wide variety of products and services, as well as official festival merchandise, so be sure to take home some great pirate swag!

Is there parking available for The Lone Star Pirate Festival?

There is parking available, within short walking distance, around the Warehouse Live's location. We would encourage everyone to find the best lot, location, cab, or ride share location for them. There may be other events happening in the Downtown Houston area, on the day of the event, so keep that in mind when planning your parking.

Where can I get tickets for The Lone Star Pirate Festival?

Lucky for you, you're already on the website, so all you have to do is find a BUY TICKETS button.

Are there VIP tickets available?

There were VIP tickets available, but they are sold out! Get your General Admission tickets, and join us at The Lone Star Pirate Festival!

Can I keep informed of updates, on social media?

Yes you can! Follow us on Facebook, and Instagram! 

Will there be rum?


Can I buy merchandise from the bands?

Yes, you can! The bands will be bringing their merchandise to sell at The Lone Star Pirate Festival, so be sure to support the bands, and the hard work they do to bring pirate music to you!

What if i'd like to have a smoke, or use my vape?

While you cannot smoke, or vape INSIDE the venue, there is a patio available for such activities!

I didn't bring cash, but don't want to use my card. Is there an ATM?

Yes, the venue has an ATM available, if you prefer to use cash, and happen to run low! 

I don't want to drive all the way home after the event, can I stay there?

The venue does not have accommodate people having sleepovers after the bands finish, but there are a number of hotels in close proximity of Warehouse Live! We even have a special rate at one. To view that info, go to our Maps and Lodging page.